Workshops and In-studio Classes

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NEW Surface Design - 2 Day Workshop

This 2 day workshop will cover many decorative skills based on three basic catagories: Under-glaze, in-glaze and on-glaze techniques. Students will be directed through hands-on techniques with basic and advanced methods of creating pattern and decorative elements in ceramics. Topics will cover methods such as transfers, digital options, lustres, spraying, glaze chemistry and stamping. Includes all materials, samples/suppliers + snacks. Please bring a glazed item, such as a mug.

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Ceramics & Print - 1 Day Workshop

Covers the basics of making and using silkscreens in ceramics. This workshop will cover the basics of shooting a silkscreen and making slip transfers with your own artwork.. Includes all materials, samples/suppliers + snacks

Designed to explore image transfers and expand on your basic ceramic skills.

June 27th, Wed 6-9pm Sign up here

NEW: We'll be hosting a workshop at The Shop - more info here:


Moldmaking Basics - 1 Day Workshop

Outlines the basics of slip-casting with ceramic slip and how to create a simple one piece mold. Basic ceramic knowledge is preferred but not nesessary. Discussions will include casting found objects, model making, plaster lathes, multi piece molds, master molds and various slip casting techniques.

July 7th, Sat 1-4pm Sign up here



Please note, the rcboisjoli studio is located in an industrial building in the Junction area. Easy access with car, TTC or bike but the studio is located on a second floor with stairs-access only.